Monday, July 4, 2016

CALL FOR APPLICATION: IGNITE (African Women Agribusiness Incubator Programme) Deadline Extended to July 20.

 CALL FOR APPLICATION: IGNITE (African Women Agribusiness Incubator Programme)

We are pleased to announce that, we are now officially accepting applications for the 2016 Ignite Agribusiness Programme!
Ignite is an African Agribusiness Incubator programme designed to spark job and wealth creation of  through Agripreneurship.
It seeks to nurture and turn ground-breaking ideas into profitable and sustainable Agribusinesses. These Agribusinesses are expected to become sustainable  producing value added goods and services that can not only bring high financial returns, but also increased employment to others, creation of demand for agricultural produce and export opportunities.
Ignite begins with a five month inception phase with two parts. In the first part, fifteen (15) female graduates will be given the opportunity to build a strong set of skills. They will be embedded in a learning program within a rural agricultural setting and learn how to use technology to increase farm produce (the base of all Agribusinesses). The training will be done with strong exposure to a novel green house and in the process also learn entrepreneurial skills such as planning, teamwork, marketing, communication and financial management.
The internship stage is where participants familiarise themselves with agribusiness markets. Moreover, a key part of this last three months of this phase is for graduates to receive hands-on experience from successful agribusinesses and companies.
After the inception, Our bold young women will be placed in an incubation hub where financial,tachnical mentoring and coaching sessions will be provided  as they prepare and finalise a viable business plan to take Agripreneurship flight..

Eligibility Check
Only a maximum number of candidates can be considered for a scholarship based on the following checks. If your application does not meet the eligibility criteria it will be rejected regardless of any effort, time and money you put into it. 

• the degree to which you fit into the target group of the programme
• How potentially profitable and sustainable your Agribusiness idea is.
• How well your plans for your agribusiness are described and how easily they can be implemented.
• If there is a potential for real impact and change in your community.
• No one else is already doing this work in this exact same way.
Who becomes Guzakuza-Ignitor
  • The programme is designed for young women graduates below 35 years
  • Must have a tertiary qualification with at least a formal diploma or a higher tertiary qualification.
  • Available to go through the entire program .
  • Must have a burning desire to start or grow Agribusiness after programme
  • Must have a GUZA idea (Great,Unique,Zealous, Achievable).

Scholarships available
The overall aim of this scholarship is to help increase both the number and the competencies of skilled Agripreneurs in Ghana. The scholarship is a contribution towards your costs of living, the costs of tuition fees, field trips.
The participant is expected to cover her personal costs.
The scholarship is awarded in a very competitive selection to highly motivated applicants who are in a position to start their Agribusinesses with the newly-acquired skills and knowledge .
Participants are expected to bear their own travel expenses to Ignite.

Application procedure
Application opens
Application Deadline
Telephone interview with shortlisted candidates
In person Interviews
Final candidates selected and Offer issued
May 20th, 2016
July 20,2016
July 08-20,2016
July 21-30,2016
July 31 ,2016

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